Monday, August 29, 2005

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Here are a couple more links for you:

This is the Arts and Healing Network. They have a free newsletter with a lot of inspiring stories. One was about the artist Lila Graves who has written a book about healing cancer through her art work. The book is White Wings, and I was intrigued so I got ahold of a copy and was delighted.
The story is wonderful and miraculous. The art work is a wonderful
mix of southern folk art and photographs. In it she tells the story of moving to San Miguel, Mexico, where she learns that her cancer had returned. Lila decided if it was her time to be an angel, she didn't have to die to be one, and so with the help of friends she crafted white wings from palm fronds and wore them as a backpack through the streets of Mexico everyday. She asked one friend to help her photograph herself in the wings throughout the city. It was a “photo-exorcism,” a way of letting go. She painted each day as if it were her last, wearing her wings. In doing so, she experienced an epiphany: the value of each moment lived in love. She said that instead of dying with cancer she allowed it to teach her how to live. I would recommend this book for all of our art rooms.
This self-published, softcover book sells for $30 and comes with a cd made by her husband and can be ordered by calling Lila Graves in Alabama at 256-234-0072. For more information about Lila and her artwork, please visit
For Book Arts enthusiasts here's an amazing round robin idea:

For self nurture, relaxation, inspiration, stress relief, self discovery, spiritual journaling, goal tips, life tips, inspiring stories - this is your portal to over 650 articles and daily positive tips.

For pictures of Spirit Houses which incorporate personal mementos that celebrate people, places, and events which are important to artist Carol Owen.

You can read about her new book Crafting Personal Shrines, which describes how to craft these unique, three-dimensional assemblages here:

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