Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Edith Kramer's Advice

Edith Kramer, one of the grandmother's of art therapy, had this advice for the prevention of burn-out, handed down from Red Cross workers at the end of World War II. The Red Cross workers said to do your best with everyone you meet, do your triage and what ever is needed, but in order to keep doing it well and to keep from burning out you need to pay close attention to one person or one family, following their unfolding story, giving them the extra investment. Looking at the details of one story will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of all the sorrow. This struck me as very sound advice.

Texas artist, Jane E. Ward sent me this:

I live 25 miles from Houston - am currently helping a friend who's a local elementary school teacher, help a family of 6, maybe more as other relatives reunite with them, that landed here ahead of the buses and are at a motel on Interstate 10- We have found that it's very hard to connect with FEMA etc. if your not in the Astrodome or one of the shelters and don't have transportation. We found them a house and are gathering up household goods. Also my Artist Way group is gathering supplies for the Houston SPCA that's taking in misplaced pets and holding them until their people can be found and reunited.

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