Monday, September 12, 2005

The Happiness Challenge

For the last few days I've been developing two focus group e-courses that will be offered through Artella. Being focus groups means I'm working out the kinks but participants get the course material for free.

The Heroine's Journey; An Artists' Retreat e-course

The Heroine's Journey is an e-course designed for artists and art therapists working in palliative care, hospice, or with grief and loss. The caregiver often ignores his or her own needs for renewal and healing while taking care of others. It is possible (and necessary) to do both and this e-course will help the artist create their own meaningful and restorative journey with relaxing exercises in art making as well as the creation of healing metaphors and narratives.

The Artist's Happiness Challenge for Artists

The Artist's Happiness Challenge is an e-course consisting of six artistic challenges (lessons) based on the current research being done in the field of positive psychology. The course will begin with a few happiness quotient questions so the participant will be able to
evaluate his or her level of life satisfaction and joy, and after the art challenges and tasks there will be a follow up questionnaire so the participant will have a sense of growth in life satisfaction and joy.

The format for both courses will include two lessons a week for three weeks, sent out via a Yahoo group. I chose the Yahoo group because it allows for dialogue, questions and answers as well as a place to display art work.

At the end of the three weeks we will examine the possibilities for using either the Heroine's Journey or the Happiness Challenges in art therapy groups.

There will also be a brief survey to be filled out at this time.

Can there be too much happiness in this world?

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