Monday, September 05, 2005

More on NOLA

I had some luck today in finding art therapists working in shelters or working with the evacuees, folks who have been through what seems unbearable to me.

Linda McCarley from the Dallas area, says 30,000 evacuees have been relocated to the Dallas area. She says they can use general art supplies.

Send them to:
Linda McCarley
North Texas Art Therapy Association
8340 Meadow Road
Suite 136
Dallas, Texas 75231

Joan Phillips from Norman, OK says that Oklahoma will be absorbing about 12,000 evacuees into two large camps.
Her undergraduate students in an Intro to Art Therapy course will be creating art therapy packages including journaling and art supplies.

Susan Anand in Jackson Mississippi will be working with comforting, familiar materials, creating quilts, dolls, puppets, and story books as well as more traditional paintings, drawings, and sculpture. If you have any extra quilting material or Crayola Model Magic for puppet-making you can mail it to:

Attention: Susan Anand
Art Therapy Program - Hurricane Katrina

If items are shipped by UPS or Federal Express use the address:
Lutheran-Episcopal Disaster Response of Mississippi
Ascension Lutheran Church
6481 Old Canton Road
Jackson, MS 39236-2402

Supplies sent by the US Postal Service must be mailed to:
Lutheran-Episcopal Disaster Response of Mississippi
Ascension Lutheran Church
PO Box 12246
Jackson, MS 39236

Meanwhile I created a little zine for Susan and anyone else wanting to create simple dolls, bears, or little story books. You can find it here. It's a pdf file called Bear, Doll, & Story Book.

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