Sunday, September 04, 2005

NOLA's eyes

I looked and looked at this photo from

I wondered what I could do at a very personal level, besides giving to the red cross, of course. Something more human-to-human is wanted here, when I look at this child's eyes. Living so far away from art therapists who are rolling up their sleeves and helping in the shelters in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, I think what if they had wish lists of art supplies and such, and what if those of us who are not near by had our own lists of materials that we could share, well, if the two lists could find each other, I think that would be about the best thing.

For example, I look at this child's image and I think about all of the little kids who no longer have anything, including dolls & teddy bears. What if an art therapist I knew were working with these kids, and I could send them easy to make doll and puppet patterns and materials. And they could help kids and parents to make their own transitional objects. Well I think that would be about the best thing that could happen.

I'm sure there are a lot of us that would be more than happy to help with wish lists especially when it's at a person to person level, so I'm doing some research. Stay tuned.

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