Thursday, September 08, 2005

A story and art link

artwork by Rama Hughes, used with permission.

I was reading Keri Smith's blog Wish Jar Journal yesterday, and came across controversy and a story of sorrows and sweetness and a link to some art and more stories.

Rama was responding to the controversy arising in the comments section of the blog.

"wow, i can't believe the hubbub on your blog! i want to defend you but i don't think you need it. can i thank you instead?

when the twin towers were destroyed, i was working as a kindergarten teacher in oregon. it was a really sad day obviously. looking back on it though, i still remember it as one of the most beautiful days of my life. the parents of my students were mad with fear. most of them came immediately to the school to fetch their children. those of them that didn't leave right away to play in a park or treat their family to a movie, stayed in my classroom all day to build with legos, eat lunch, and nap with their children. i knew that i should be sad but i couldn't help but be happy. there is no accounting for emotions. it was BEAUTIFUL to see how much everyone loved each other that day and how simple pleasures were so deeply appreciated.

in my experience, you do this too. you help people see the good in the world. even the post that some people complained about was a reminder that there is ALWAYS beauty to be found. that is especially important when there is a tragedy. $20.00 will feed some people and a couch will help them out. you've been feeding people's hearts since i met you though. in the long run, that is just as valuable. And more rare in my opinion. thank you, keri."

And thank you Rama, for reminding us to love one another and share our simple pleasures.

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