Monday, October 24, 2005

Alice Walker's Panther Story

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There is a story about panthers in "Possessing the Secret of Joy" by Alice Walker. In this story there was a panther and his wife who were very much in love. Their tribe had an extra female so the panther couple had to take this female as a co-wife. Lara was her name, and she wasn't at all happy, because she was unloved and everyone knew it. Days would go by and the only voice she would hear would be her inner voice.
Soon, she began to listen for it, because it would tell her very sweet things.
Lara, it would say, sit here where the sun can kiss you. And she did.
Lara, it would say, lie here, where the moon can make love to you all night long. And she did.
Lara, it said, one bright morning, when she knew herself to have been well kissed and well loved, sit here on this stone and look at your beautiful self in the still waters...
She was calmed by the wisdom of this inner voice, and so she looked into the water and saw she was beautiful! And she could see she was well kissed and well made love to by the moon.
I really like Lara's inner voice. I believe I will spend more time in the light of the sun and moon and see what happens... I may find the secret of joy...

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