Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Final Happiness Challenge

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Altered Japanese Postcard by Lani

The Artist's Happiness Challenge has been a wonderfully interactive e-course consisting of six artistic challenges (lessons) based on the current research being done in the field of positive psychology. The participants have made it wonderful. I have been posting the challenges here, so that you can have the structure of the exerience and create your own happiness!

Sixth Challenge.

This is the last of the six challenges. This one will be one that I would encourage you to get creative with and do feel free to share the results if you like.

The idea is one that came about again through a migraine. (I find headaches a perfect research play ground where I can observe the rise in endorphins and lessening of pain and consider the implications. And I can't help but be curious about this phenomenon. And yes that's one of my signature strengths.) So anyway, there I was with a migraine, in the back of a car that was heading to somewhere Ontario and it was close to Christmas, so I was giving some thought as to what I could make for family and friends. What I noticed was the more I thought about making gifts, the less of a hold the headache had, the happier I felt, the more creative my gift making ideas got and the cycle kept up until I had no headache and I had a nice list of interesting things to make for others.

So here's the challenge. Think about what you could do for someone else, art wise. It could be a random act of anonymous art or something for someone specific. An art seed packet for an artist friend, homemade bookmark in a library book, you could start up a round robin art exchange with a group of friends, or make some artful guerilla street art.

Evaluate your happiness feelings while you think about this challenge.

Complete your art gift and present it in what ever way you choose.

How did you feel while creating your work of art?

How did the other person react if you were able to know this and if not how did you imagine people reacting?

And how were you affected by their reaction?

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