Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thoughts About Happiness and Stress

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Edith Kramer as a child, with her Grandmother.

As part of my campaign to bring more creativity, joy, and subversive happiness into my life, I've been going through my slide collection and creating scans. Once scanned I can use photoshop and have the most amazing fun! So this is formerly a slide of Edith and her grandmother. She assured me it was very posed. But I do love it. There's something very special about the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. I'm all for it!

Then I got some downloadable images from Art-E-Zine for supporting the website. More fun. More play. More subversive happiness:
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This tricycle e-wisdom came yesterday morning, with a most interesting topic of happiness and stress:

"As soon as we become attached to any idea--happiness, success or whatever--there is already some stress. Clinging is itself a stressful state, and everything that derives from it is also stressful. For example, try to clench your hand to make a fist. As soon as you start to clench your hand, you have to use energy to keep your fingers clenched tightly. When you let go of the clenching, your hand is free again. So it is with the mind. When it is in such a state of clenching, it can never be free. It can never experience peace or happiness, even if one has all the wealth, fame and power in the world." --Thynn Thynn, Living Meditation, Living Insight

So instead of clinging to an idea, why not create the things that make you smile. Create a visually pleasing still life for the table where you take your meals.
Then while you have your next meal, pay attention to the still life. Notice its various aspects; colors, textures, line. Notice the overall feeling. Know that this is a gift you created for yourself, for your own enjoyment.

No clinging, no stress. Just a pleasant meal made a little more pleasant by you for you.

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Jug and flowers from Edith Kramer's home in Austria.

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I create this collage of Tintern Abbey and Flowers. It makes me smile.

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