Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Going Home

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Where is home to you?
Is it where your childhood memories are at play?
Is home somewhere in the mind?

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What I am finding in my foray into altering photographs and playing with photoshop, is that there's something really astonishing going on. I can take images of myself as a child, and images of ancestors, and images of places I have been and put them all together in new ways. I can rewrite my life story a million different ways. I can see a lifetime as part of a whole continuum of lifetimes. I can start to see the life of the little kid with the umbrella as part of a much larger picture. I can feel the edges of what I believed was isolated, independent, and unique, as a little blurry. When I look at the bigger picture, the human tapestry as a whole, the feelings that go with this view are a lot less isolation, one life is not so unique, and mostly what I feel is a kind of interdependence, not just with people around me, but also with ancestors, teachers, friends, and places from long ago and far away.

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