Saturday, January 07, 2006

Photoshop as Healing

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Over the holidays, I acquired an incredible sore throat and cough that left me wanting to do very little except play with art materials, photoshop, and memories of world travel from once upon a time.

So here's a series of altered postcards from places I have been. The first is Japan. Spot the foreign intruder?

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Egypt! Got to love those grumpy camels.

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Our favorite mode of travel, the P&O lines. And when that wasn't available, a tricycle would do.

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Another Korean Postcard.

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This one was fun, an old Japanese Postcard.

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OK, this isn't a postcard, but I liked their umbrellas. It's one of Dodgeson's photo's of Alice Liddell and her sister. This may count for travel as I spent a lot of time with Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Maybe I'll post art journal pages later!

Happy 2006!!!


Kathleen Marie said...

These are wonderful postcards. I am so glad I found your art and puppet making blog. It will be a treat to visit often.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Postcards! ARe you a deltiologist, too?


Anonymous said...

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Lani said...

No, Danny, not an indiscriminate deitologist, I only like the old stuff and mostly old asian stuff of where I've been!
With old stamps and postmarks. And old writing... old stories.