Saturday, February 18, 2006

14 Secrets for a Real Happy Life!

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Cover of Lani's 14 Secrets for a Real Happy Life

These 14 secrets came out of my practicing the Artist's Happiness Challenges. I will give you the secrets here but if you would like the fully illustrated, suitable-for-printing-out and decorating-your-art-making-space-with version click here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the 'zine image.

Secret #1.
Find 3 good things every day. Use them in your art. This could be some calligraphy, an old photo, a quote, or a particular color that struck you.

Secret #2
Make everything special. Embellish your life.

Secret #3
Look for Fairy God-Mothers and Angels. You will find them if you look carefully.

Secret #4
Play more often.

Secret #5
Look for the smiling faces.

Secret #6
Wish everyone a happy life.

Secret #7
Find something to love about where you are every day.

Secret #8
Make art every day!

Secret #9
Create time. (This one is magical!)

Secret #10
Honor thy grandmothers as much as possible.

Secret #11
PLAY with the grandchildren as much as possible.

Secret #12
Create beauty with what you have on hand.

Secret #13
Join every day art round robins. Make art with friends. Make art as gifts.

Secret #14
Create a list of secrets for a real happy life and pass it on.

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