Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Headin' Down Highway 61

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First of all I love Mississippi. And next to my love for Mississippi I have a deep passion for intergenerational puppet making workshops. I find that working with a variety of generations is an amazing thing to do. You can see all kinds of art and stories flowering organically before you very eyes. So this summer I'll be going down to Mississippi to do an intergenerational puppetmaking workshop for displaced families who remain displaced in southern Mississippi. I'll be co-leading this puppet making / story telling experience for families as part of a summer camp with Susan Anand and we'll be teaching the format to therapists and volunteers as well. Because we will be teaching this workshop, the whole concept could be easily replicated. We will be able to create little seeds of art, puppetmaking, and storytelling. We will be taking time out from sorrow to build resilience with fun and creativity!

If you'd like to help or contribute to this experience, and there are a few ways, such as art or puppetmaking materials, etc. you can click on my website.


eloqui said...

Sounds such a great project, Lani!
I look forward to reading (and seeing?) more, about it, in time.
: ) xxx

lydia said...

Love these two images above with the house.