Friday, March 10, 2006

Adventurous Friday

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This will be the last of the world through a sea urchin series, Prospero with his dreadlocks, smelling the ice covered dreadlocked plants.

Discovered a really inspiring photographer's website this morning:
In his art statement he says:

"...consciously and unconsciously an artist engaged in serious work is always raising or dealing with the question: 'What really matters?'"

" I believe that the ability of human beings to be creative depends fundamentally on the health and well-being of our biosphere, the few kilometres of air, water, and soil that surround our planet like the skin of an apple. Quite simply, they are the physical and spiritual bases of our lives, and the only source of materials and tools that enable us to express our responses to questions and feelings about ultimate things. Creation and creativity are inextricably linked.

This awareness now forms the central core of my work. The abstracting of visual elements in order to recognize their particularity has become automatic, but seeing, combining, and creating them as integrated 'wholes' will remain a life-long challenge."

With this in mind I look at the skin of the earth around me very carefully.

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Mouse tracks and shadows on the snow.

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The same picture with watercolor filter.

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The same picture with poster edges filter.

And for something completely different, here's some ideas for inexpensive adventures from Penelope Dullaghan's website.
inexpensive adventures

It's Friday and there are adventures waiting for us!

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