Monday, March 20, 2006

More thoughts on resilience.

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Adela, Artella's very own "whooping crone", read the previous blog and wrote:

I think you'd get more "info" if you defined
"resilience" as "the ability to bounce back after
a disaster" and substituted
"allows/enables/assists..." for "causes"...
and looked at what women say, in addition to Figley.

Thinking about some of the women i've known
who are/were very good at "making lemonade",
what they/we share[d] is/was:
1. trust
2. defined "worthy-opponent[s]"
3. impersonal as well as personal objectives
4. determination
5. single-minded spitefulness
6. courage to be "unpopular"
7. conviction

Well, I thought "Adela is right!" How many of my women friends have bounced back from the edge of disaster and what enabled them to do so? What do they feel encourages their resilience?

Here's what Shirley Routliffe of Hamilton Ontario says about resilience:
Here is resilience! and determination and courage!
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Saw this tree yesterday and went downtown with my camera to take pictures today.
What feeds my resilience you ask.
Being in nature for sure-When I get into the woods or on a beach I begin to feel stronger,more confident in my ability to deal with whatever.
Music--maybe Abba,maybe Mozart it could be a lot of different music but that often lifts my spirits and helps me to find my way again.Especially if I move and/or dance to the music!
Journalling or making art(for somebody else-)-maybe just a card.
Talking with friends and just being received without judgement lets me hear myself, work through a problem, and feel like I have what I need to deal with things.
Finding the humour in whatever is going on and playing with it, exaggerating the situations and my feelings about it can help me get perspective and see that I am able to handle whatever comes my way.
That's what comes to mind.
Love to you.
PS-Reading inspirational quotes--i keep a book i add to regularly
and reading your blog and following the links you have shared!

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Thank you Shirley! Love to you too and to that little tree in Hamilton!

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Hi Aunt Shirley!!!!!!
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