Thursday, March 02, 2006

Taming the wild elephant...

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collage by Lani

I read that Picasso liked to put the things he loved most into his paintings, whether others thought they belonged there or not. So I was thinking about elephants and how much I want to put them into everything whether they belong there or not. I started working on this collage when Tricycle's Daily Dharma showed up in my in-box today.

Don't you love synchronicity?

What Was Wild
As I left my daytime resting place on Vulture Peak, I saw an elephant come up on the riverbank after its bath. A man took a hook and said to the elephant, Give me your foot. The elephant stretched out its foot; the man mounted. Seeing what was wild before gone tame under human hands, I went into the forest and concentrated on my mind. --Dantika, in Susan Murcotts The First Buddhist Woman

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