Thursday, April 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Back home in Prospect, laundry done, things put away, mostly, I can now play with the some of the highlights of our adventure.

We stopped in Glover, Vermont for a pilgrimage to our favorite puppets in the whole world, Bread & Puppets!

In Hardwick, Vermont there's a story-teller drive through! How cool is that? They were closed for the season, so we drowned our sorrows in french toast and maple syrup!

The Vermont workshop was marvelous. Creativity spilled out everywhere!

The NYU workshop was also amazing. Here are some students making their paper puppet people fly.

We stopped at Rob and Randy's to see them and the Bergamasco flock. Had a wonderful time and could see clearly the genetic traits handed down to our puppies!

Here's Emma wearing a scrunchy and looking down on the rest of us. She was amazing, what a fun dog. No wonder Prospero has so much fun in life!

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