Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home Again

There's nothing quite like coming home, especially when everything is blooming and the Bergamasco Boys are delighted to see you and wanting to go for a walk right away... "Why aren't you hurrying faster, we have so many scents to investigate, so many friends to catch up with..."

Hurry Lani, says Bruzzi.

This morning we went for our walk (and hurried to catch up with every smell, color, texture, breeze, sparkling wave... all of it) and Prospero came upon some rock art. Can you tell what is dog and what is art? Hmmmm, maybe it's all art.

Ferns are uncurling...
and violets are in bloom...

Life can feel like poetry when the sun shines in Prospect, Nova Scotia!!!
I'll do separate posts for aspects of the trip, what we saw, learned, ate, the magic and treasure...
Stay tuned.

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