Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Of the search for fairy queens, magic, and golden treasure...

Among the mysteries of my early childhood there was a picture book which could have been some version of MOPSA THE FAIRY BY JEAN INGELOW. In it a brother and sister wander in the fairy kingdom after finding a rock with a key hole and the key to enter. One of my life quests has been to find that rock (or at least that book about the rock.)

So imagine my surprise when in scrambling around in some chambered tombs of Carrowkeel I find two rocks with key holes (sort of). Because of the arduous hands and knees scrambling and the amazing airiness inside these tombs, the sense of history, story, of real people having built these amazing places, or maybe just the sense of unease about the fairy people absorbed from Mrs. O'Byrn's handyman (see previous blog) we enter and leave with respect and no desire what-so-ever to be taken into the fairy realm.

I'll keep my interests in fairy folk and their magic and treasure at a metaphoric level from now on.

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