Thursday, June 15, 2006

Artella's latest e-zine.

Studying my latest copy of the Artella zine, Artella 9: THE JOURNEY: DESTINATION & IMAGINATION.
How does Marney do it? Just when I think she has created the ultimate, never-to-be-out-done, marvelously creative zine, and that, sadly, I'll never see another like it, here comes an e-zine that is even more deliciously packed with amazing goodies and delights than the zine before!!! Unbelievable!!! From Zura's Art Journalling, to Deb's Whooping Crone interview, to Marney's interview with THE Danny Gregory (oh my goodness!!!) and everything in between, this e-zine is a "must have" for all of us creative souls! It's so confirming and inspiring! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Marney, it is SO worth it, and I'm just going to have to relax in the understanding that with each future zine things will only get better and better.


Anonymous said...

Hi lani - I was in one of you work/play/art shops in Nelson and went home jazzed about making puppets and cards. I wanted to check with you about how to go about doing the trading. Some of the women and teens I work with started making artist's trading cards this week - are there any guidelines for doing the trades that is respectful of everyone's art?

thank-you for your vitality and inspiration - what was it like for you being here in Nelson?


Lani said...

Oh Robin, I had a fabulously wonderful and inspiring time! Thank you for asking. I'm working on the blog spot for it right now.

The best way to do the trades is to make sure that people aren't giving away anything that they would rather keep and yet at the same time they should be doing their best work so you don't want to discourage that from happening.

With the art exchange that's done on the internet often you will have a call for atc's of a certain theme. The one that calls the theme will receive everyone's submission and then distribute them so that everyone who made one gets one from someone else. The advantage of being the one calling the theme is they get to choose whose ever they want to keep.
You could replicate this with your groups, letting different group members call a theme. You could explain that this is how it is done with mail art and art exchanges. And if folks make more than one card per theme, they can keep their own favorite card.

Be sure to check updates for mail art listings.