Monday, July 10, 2006

Fairy folk in Ann Arbor?

So now I'm getting ready to visit family and run some Paper Puppet People workshops in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was making a list of what to bring when Severi Glanville sent me the link to this urban fairy website! Apparently there are fairy folk in Ann Arbor and they even build doors in buildings there. It's not just rocks with keyholes leading into fairy mounds for these urban fairy folk. They like fancy doorways and little presents left outside the doors.

And there's a kindergarten teacher who's class made fairy traps, hoping to catch a fairy or two. The children decided that they needed to be very quiet while building their traps, so in order to remind themselves to be quiet they wore bandanas over their noses and mouths, like bandits. What a fantastic idea! I wonder is my niece & nephew have ever made a fairy trap?

Anyway this gives me a whole big inspiration for a new board book and paper puppet fairy and of course I need to pack some bandanas and maps!

Thank you Severi!

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