Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happiness Challenge

More photoshop fun by Lani

Here's an idea that came from Vicki Thompson's "Life-Changing Affirmations," heavily altered to become an artists' happiness challenge rather than an affirmation. I like the idea of rolling up my sleeves and making art a lot better than muttering affirmations, but that's just me.

Here goes:
See yourself dipping a paintbrush into a container of sparkling magical multicolored paint. Sweep the brush across a canvas representing your life, see it painting over and altering experiences that need to be released. As old events and behaviors are altered or swept away, see new ways of living take form on the canvas, full of sparkle and magic. See yourself living the life you were meant to live.

So after visualizing my paintbrush altering memory experiences, I go for a walk and look for ways to live the life I was meant to live.
Walking across the headland with Edward, watching dogs cavort and catching the scent of wild roses, I feel that new ways of living which would reflect the beauty of this environment are possible. I will pay closer attention to dreams, friends, dogs, and other messengers, as they shed light on the path through this amazing life.

Post Script-

See Paper Artsy for some free pdf files with interesting mixed media instructions. Very nice stuff and FREE!!!

For more mixed media instructions have you checked Art-E-Zine lately? I especially enjoyed "Cabinet Capers" by Gillian Allen with all the photoshop brushes links! What fun!

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