Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Links, puppets, fonts, and photographs.

I received several wonderful emails which I need to acknowledge.

One was from Teesha Moore. I had asked about the font on their new catalogue (and what a fine catalogue it is, even if you don't do much with rubber stamps!). Anyway she said to do a google search for free fonts and "nemo nightmares" is the particular font that was used for their catalogue. I did and found it. Teesha says watch out, fonts are addictive. Like photoshop brushes, I imagine.

From Eveline Maedel I received an email about how she enjoyed the Puppetmaking 101 instructions on the Lani Puppetmaker website. Here's her puppet and for an explanation please visit Eveline.

Finally there was an email from White's Lake photographer Bob Minty. We often share some of our walks in the morning with Bob and our Bergamasco Boys are for ever trying herd him. He sent these two amazing photographs, one is of a design in the rock along the shore.

How was it created?

And the other was taken in Cabano, Quebec in October. It takes my breath away. Thank you, Bob, you made my day.

Oh and I haven't added any links lately, so here are some links to paruse at your liesure.

These came from Artella's Morning Link Latte; a totally fat free morning wake up cup of inspiration:

Neuroscience for Kids with lots of fun activity for your brain.

Katherine Bartel's Everyday Devotions. Read the descriptions of her art work and see how she creates with love.

Drawing Power. You will find answers to Why Draw? on this website, like "Drawing keeps you sane, really. It's dancing on paper. That's what it is - just dancing on paper" from Elaine Arkell, a "mature" fine art student.

These are from art therapist Lore Caldwell:
The Yahoo Group Wild Art Dolls. Wild and this group comes from Aisling D'Art who has this website chock full of free and inspiring wild art doll stuff.

1001Journals the next step after 1000 journals project.

The Postcard Crossing Project. Anyone up for a Mail Art Postcard Crossing Project? See Mail Art Postcard Exhibit or
Mail Art Projects. Actually if you google Mail Art and Postcards you could get lost for days.

Now I need to go work on dinner.

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