Monday, July 10, 2006

Meaning of Art and Life

One of Victoria's Dream Journals.
In one of my web wanderings, using an old Teesha Moore Studio Zine as my inspiration (a highly recommended activity, Teesha's Zines are treasure maps), I looked up one of the contributing artists whose work resonated. Much to my delight I discovered Victoria Rabinowe's website. In it she describes her journey from Santa Fe gallery owner to a artist/teacher/facilitator. Her journey began wit a dream about sailing off to sea with a blind boatman for a captain. But I should let you explore her website, art and words yourself.

One thing I observed on this website was the image of a beautiful, distressed, package with stamps on it. The title of the image was "The Muse is in the Mail." Totally intrigued, I emailed Victoria about this image and the title. She emailed back that this was a collaborative mail art project between herself, Deborah Esperanza Zane, and Gina D’Ambrosio. It was a three way correspondence that included pictures, paintings and philosophical wonderings. It became a very special way for them to get to know each other better, of having others to share deeper musings about the meaning of art and life. Their collaborative work seemed to express an invisible energy that both grounded and sustained them! They discovered what other mail artists had discovered before them: that when they were open to the creative genius in each other, the creative genius in themselves responded in ways they would never have encountered working alone.

Collaboration is just an amazing, heart opening, mind altering experience. It's the best.

Anahata Katkin's collage

Another amazing artist (see the above image) I recently discovered was Anahata Katkin. Please do enjoy a color filled exploration of Anahata's blog "Day to Day" and the PaPaYa! e-shop with the most amazing collage starters, cards, art, etc. etc. About art and life Anahata says:

"Through artwork & creative living we have the ability to transform our lives and enrich the lives of others. Change is only one brush stroke, one word, one painted chair, one cut up magazine away. Little by little we are forging a movement that reaches into the depths of our hearts and extends boldy into our culture. ... there is much work to be done..."

Yes, there is much work to be done. Create art support groups and mail art round robins and discover the joy of creative living!

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