Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finding the love, releasing the fear.

Jumping Mouse Artist's Trading Card by Lani.

Sometimes interesting emails come into my inbox which get me thinking. The other day there was one from a dancer, RN, painter, who does healing with expressive arts. She said she was terrified to make a leap from a frustrating job to be truer to her artist self. She will do it anyway but needed help to keep focused on the love rather than the fear. She thought the Artist's Happiness Challenge might be helpful to keep her focussed. I hope it is. But what I started thinking was in all the years I've been doing workshops, teaching, doing art therapy, talking to artists and craftspeople about doing the things they love, I have yet to meet one person who regrets the choice of going for the thing they love in their work and leaving behind the security of a bad job. I have met plenty of people who regret not making that choice, who suffer in boring or painful jobs because they are afraid to take the leap. You would thing that in all those years (almost 30) of talking to people I would have met at least one person who regretted the leap into the unknown to follow their bliss.

Do you know the story of Jumping Mouse? It's all about being brave enough. Print out a copy of the story, and read it when you know you won't be interrupted and then try the meditation below.

So here's a little meditation for finding the love and releasing the fear: Set aside a quiet moment for yourself, perhaps early in the morning before anyone else is awake or before you fall asleep. Breathe deeply, knowing that you are doing this for yourself. As you breathe slowly, gently, and deeply, become aware of the life force flowing within you, feel this magical buzzing energy, that sustains you and all living things. Through your awareness and intention know that you are brave enough to do the things that will bring you creative joy. Imagine as you inhale, that you are inhaling all that you need to sustain your life, and as you exhale send out energy, loving kindness, and good things to all who need it. You can nourish and nurture yourself and the world with love and compassion, with your own generosity and courage.


Anonymous said...

thank-you - this is inspiring to me as I think about work i want to do.

Lani - a group of people in Salmo, a tiny town 30 minutes south of Nelson, have been doing an "Eat and Art" lunchtime program this August. We would like to send you some pictures of our paper puppets - how do we do that?

We also made some trading cards - are there people in other communities we could send some to to trade?

Thanks for your inspiration! Robin

Lani said...

Hi Robin,
You can certainly send me photos. JPEG files work best, but if you send actual photographs, I could scan them.

The idea of trading cards with folks in other communities is excellent. Let me ponder this one and maybe write a blog about the possibility and then send out a call for cards.

Have you been working with a specific theme?