Thursday, August 24, 2006

Places to Exchange Art

Collage by Lani

Some art exchange forums already up and running:
Jackie from Ohio sent me these two which look like really good places to exchange work.

The Sisters of the Secret Fatbook Society
The Altered Art Place.

Shirley of Hamilton, Ontario sent in this link for a mail art exhibition. It looks great! Check it out.
Dale Roberts, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the man behind the mania.
He says "Art is a way of being . . . My way of being . . It's who I am . . the forms often vary . . it's how I see and connect with the world."

Nice, eh? So I thought, hey, why not have our own little art exchange group. There's nothing better, well hardly, than opening your mail box and finding some amazing mail art inside. So if you are interested, here's the link.
14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life

Since my 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life include lots of art making and lots of art exchange, this group will be for artists to share, swap, exchange and inspire all things artistic from artist's trading cards to fat books and puppets.

Multi media artists who like binding books, art journaling, creating assemblage art, jewelry making, art dolls, rubber stamping, collage, paper puppet people, fine arts, fabric arts are all welcome here.

Come create a happy artist's life and have fun here!

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