Sunday, September 10, 2006

Childhood Enchantments

Collage by Lani

I heard a wonderful Prospect story yesterday, told to me by Ellen Ryan. Having grown up here in Prospect I suspect she may have many such stories about childhood enchantments. She used to attend the local school which was very small, and run by nuns. Right around Christmas great interest grew in elves, little people, and fairy folk. All kinds of magic began to happen. The older children had certain periods of the day when they worked on secret presents for the younger children. They had also devised a way to make little notes fall from the ceiling on the little kids (at least this is the way Ellen remembers it). The notes were from fairy folk. As you might imagine by the time Christmas came, the younger children in the village were nearly beside themselves with magic, joy, and possibilities.

I think there is real magic when we secretly create things for others; presents, fairy notes, post cards, messages in bottles, on pebbles... the possibilities are endless.

Try this:
Engage in some fairy magic today.


jaihn said...

The feeling that the image of these little folk being "nearly beside themselves with magic, joy and possibilities" brings me is exquisite!
Thank you for this Beauty-Full story of delight, Lani!

Lani said...

Any time haihn! Any time!