Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How does an artist stay happy in an unhapppy world?

More fun with images. This one is a Blanksy knockoff! Thank you Blanksy!

And thank you Gioia and Adela who sent me wandering in the realm of political images and public art, Art Not Ads, http://www.fecalface.com/and Banksy.

How does an artist stay happy in an unhappy world? Adela pointed to Banky's answer. "Essentially, it's [speaking of his new show] about what a horrible place the world is, how unjust and cruel and pointless life is, and ways to avoid thinking about all
One of the best ways turned out to be sitting in a warehouse making 50
paintings about cruelty, pain and pointlessness. You get immune."

It is a very good question, but I don't think that Banky's answer was the real answer. At some point in the article he confesses to not taking money from Nike to do work for them. I think the answer may be hidden in that confession. He is an artist with beliefs about how things could be better, and he's doing his art as a way of expressing that belief. I think that is part of the answer, that we are happier when we are doing art that we feel is meaningful. And another piece of this is that artists shouldn't feel alone in the world. There are plenty of artists who are troubled by world events and you can read about what they are doing, you can even join them if you want to, you can support them in all kinds of ways and of course you can make more art.

I got real happy reading about these pranksters even if my spray paint days are over. Just knowing you all are out there fighting the good fight is great!

In the more personal art realm I wandered over to my friend jaihn's blog for visual delight. Not only was she working on the first happiness challenge, but she also has a great collection of links to more quiet joys and happinesses. Scroll down the blog till you find "gorgeousness" where you can link to a page of beautiful "flickr" images. Just gorgeous. And then scroll down just a bit further for the link to a website that collects old copyright free images of extremely high quality. It's a real treasure trove.

So that's it for now. Stay tuned. Got to go feed the Bergamasco Boys.

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