Friday, September 08, 2006

Lost and Found

Lost collage by Lani

Have you had this experience?

You have grown accustomed to quirks and ways of something in your life, say your beloved computer for example? And then suddenly (well not all that suddenly) it is well and truly gone, it has passed over with no forwarding address. It has taken all of your files with it. Maybe. So you go down to your Mac Men in Halifax and tell them your sad story, bringing the deceased along... just in case. Why, yes, they tell you, it is possible to buy a new computer and put the old files into it and no they really can't fix this one.

And you wonder what sort of burial you should have for a beloved computer, and will they really transfer all your files, and what if you and the new computer don't get along. Anyway we picked up the new computer and pugged it in and guess what, it has the soul of my old one. It even has my beloved desktop. I couldn't believe it. So the soul of a mac can transmigrate, no problem.

Desktop Found collage by Lani

Other things going on: lots of art happening. Lot's of secret art stuff from the very enthusiastic 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life group some commissions and some writing deadlines. Whew.


jaihn said...

RIP the old Mac -
and Long Live the New Mac!
May you have a long happy creative Life together!!!

Lani said...

Thank you Jaihn.
And I left a message for you on your blog.
I went ahead and sent for the holosync free intro material.
I am very curious, although I am not so keen on the high-tech-faster-achievemen-of-spiritual-realms approach, but hey, that is the language and pressure of the age, isn't it?

adelita said...

Welcome, Just Arrived!
May your days be filled with the myriad joys of art-full collaborating,
while you comfortably burn all your old-but-still-cherished images
on to rewritable CDs.

Lani said...

Thank you, Adela, and so far so good. The soul of the computer seems to like it's new environment pretty well!