Sunday, October 22, 2006

I haven't gone missing...

OK, I haven't gone missing, I was in London, and Hamilton, Ontario visiting family and friends. What a great time. One amazing thing we saw was a butterfly garden which had the most beautiful big Blue Morphs that didn't flutter so much as move with wing beats that were slow and languid. Whew. And a butterfly only lives for 2 weeks so they had these adorable tiny quails running around under foot and foliage, tidying things up. So sweet.

I've also been working on ART and some other "secret" things which you can find here:
and here:

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While in Hamilton I was talking with some of the "Lost Sisters" who may be coming to Nova Scotia for the "Lost Sisters First Annual Reunion and Art Retreat" and the idea of making in intergenerational came up, you know, having a grandchild there, or a niece, etc. Sounded really fine by me. What do you think?

Another thing that is coming up really soon is the American Art Therapy Conference. Susan Anand and I are going to be running a pre-conference course on creating short term puppet-making/story-telling workshops for communities that have suffered stress (addictions, loss, school violence, and hurricanes are all stresses we have worked with). The idea is to use community strengths and strategies for resilience while creating narratives and puppets. The format has been used in First Nations groups in Canada, to folks distressed and displaced by Katrina in the southern US states. If this workshop is of interest then contact AATA by Oct. 23, tomorrow!!!

And on a totally different note, have you seen the free hugs video on "you tube?"

A delightful video, a young man with a concept, free hugs, wanting to give away free hugs and share a little human warmth and connection. He was given a police citation and had to raise a lot of support in order to keep hugging in public. You can see the video here and there are follow up video's as well, not all of good quality of course but there were a few worth watching. One here where a young woman tries free hugs in Toronto and another woman signing. I don't read sign but it was extremely eloquent non the less!

Thank you Adela for sending me out to find free hugs. Hope you are getting lots of great hugs in rehab and that all your injuries are healing speedily!

A collage for the Paperwhimsy Yahoo Group.

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jaihn said...

Great pics!
For a moment I thought you'd jetted over this way...!
Warm Hug to you, and another one, for all the great work you do.