Monday, October 30, 2006

Links and inspiration

Prospero says, "Have a happy life, you are good people!"

Artist Happiness Challenge News:

NEW -- A 4-WEEK Mini-eWorkshop
The Artist Happiness Challenge -- Condensed
Beginning November 1, 2006.
Only $20.00 4 weeks of challenges and support.
A new full 12 session will begin January 1, 2007. 12 weeks of challenges and support.
The cost is $40.00
Click here.

Click here. Images, lots of images, vitamins and nourishment for the eyes (not just eye candy) Type in a category in the search bar and see what you come up with.

Diane AuCoin sent me this link and from it I got lost for a couple of days. Some of these links following are Diane's fault.

Click here. Joyful dolls and craft links.

Click here. simple little dolls

Click here. paper toys

Click here. paper toys, lots of links

Click here. Fabric art

Click here. Some nice photoshop tutorials here.

Click here. houses and safe places

Click here. Dolls

Click here. art

Click here. Lots of doll patterns and great stuff!

Click here. Barb Kobe now has e-patterns for her little emotion dolls "Numbfull and the Fulls"

Click here. jaihn's spacious corner of the internet, lots of amazing Hallowe'en and El Dia de los Muertos and Altars links! Now jaihn sent me on a week long link adventure starting with this one:

Click here.

They have a manifesto (This is great. I want to make one of these! What would yours look like?) here:

Whip up is for experimentation, innovation, self expression and the sharing of information and ideas.

Whip up is against mass produced small plastic crappy stuff designed specifically to extract money from wallets, last less than 10 minutes and spend eternity in landfill.

Whipup is about taking time out of your hectic schedule to make. To make something by hand. And by making something by hand instead of buying it, you achieve personal satisfaction, then by teaching yourself and others new skills you will enjoy life more fully.

Whipup is for the slow movement, slow cooking, slow living, slow schooling, slow sundays, slowly enjoying life. By living life out of the fast lane we will hopefully notice more, learn more, enjoy our children, friends and family, enjoy our time doing the things we love.

Whipup values time over money, values skills over things, and is for creating a space in a hectic life for making.

Whip up is all for the handcraft movement.

Some people say Whip up should be against frilled toilet roll holders, but I say if they are made with love then why the hell not eh!

Whip up is against such polarised views as for and against stuff.

Click here. Monk-E-Mail (Very funny!)

Click here. free books to download

Click here. Simplicity

Click here. Scott has some really beautifully strange characters here

Lore Caldwell sent me this link:
Click here. Eleanor Wiley's beautiful beads with a purpose.

Lore is hosting a bead round robin based on Eleanor Wiley's beads.
You can join it here:
Click here.

There are a lot of other great mail art exchanges happening there as well.

Have fun!

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jaihn said...

Oooo what a fine bunch of links here! Thank you for them all, and for including truly spacious.... I look forward to visiting others before long.