Saturday, November 04, 2006

Listening to Rain

Rain collage by Lani

I've been listening to the sounds of rain and crystal bell/bowls on a variety of CD's from a variety of sources. Very interesting research.

Holoscyn says their sounds induce the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Users experience the same classic developmental and evolutionary mileposts as in a traditional meditation practice, but in an accelerated time-frame. Their neuro-audio technology produces many desirable cognitive, emotional, and spiritual states.

Jim Peters of the University of Texas did an analysis of the Holosync sounds which you can read here. He's quite happy with the analysis and seems very supportive of the Holosync program provided you have the money for it. The advantage to Holosync is all the support that comes with their program, but you can read his very informative report for yourself. has a variety of CD's that use specially generated sounds to alter your brainwaves. They have one that reportedly helps your brain release endorphins, enkephalins, endogenous opiates, and serotonin. They have another for meditation and one specifically for headaches. This company explains what frequencies each CD utilizes and what these frequencies do as far as what is released in the brain. Very interesting reading I must say.

The Meditation Solution explains the Binaural Beat as the introduction of a different frequency sine wave into each ear using stereo headphones. Your brain begins to resonate to the difference between the two frequencies. As the two frequencies go in and out of phase with each other, a binaural beat is created in the brain which corresponds to this phasing of the two sine waves. The brain will resonate to this Binaural Beat causing the brain waves to become entrained to that beat. has some free downloads to listen to. The first is Brain Flex and if you scroll down you will find a second one called Digital Espresso. They say it has been found to reliably increase energy and motivation. I tried it and I must say I did feel a boost of energy. They also have a CD through cafe press which you can find on their web page in the Products box. It's called BioRecharge.

Immrama Institue also carries these CD's designed to reduce stress and anxiety through brainwave technology. Immrama is originally Gaelic for a journey of self-discovery, a voyage of exploration. Lots of information here.

Me, I love the sound of rain and crystal bell/bowls, and all of the other stuff? Well, I'll keep you posted.

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