Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Splendid Gifts

Here are a few more Splendid Gifts!!
Hope you enjoy unwrapping things slowly!

These collages were made with scans of Citrisolve and National Geographics. The
Citrisolve slides the color all over the place, very exciting. If you go to Sally T's website you can read the instructions there. Scroll down to Turp Papers. She used turpentine with wonderful effects.

Then I added some collage elements from Now there's an interesting website, full of wonderful digital stuff, downloadable and affordable. I got these snowflake Photoshop brushes there to make this festive collage.

For something a little different, go to Keri Smith's blog for some lovely gifts, a portable Christmas tree, instant snow, and an Artist's Survival Kit, all free downloads, bless her.

Art-E-Zine has some wonderful pages of vintage images and ephemera for collages and digital art. This page is full of links. Be warned.

So here's my last collage, using the citrisolve paper at the top of this blog, some ephemera and brushes from, some advice from Keri Smith's survival kit, and some ephemera from Art-E-Zine.

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Give yourself an eWorkshop, the Artist's Happiness Challenge at Artella and as soon as you sign up you will have access to loads of articles on positive psychology, positive human emotion, stress reduction and spirituality, and starting the beginning of January, you will receive 12 weeks of artistic challenges, guaranteed to lift the spirits and release endorphins.

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