Sunday, December 03, 2006

Community Building in Prospect

Mary Ellen Duggan with daughter Annina (1895 to 1972) and son Howard (dates unknown) and two twins whose names are not known.

We went to the unveiling of the NEW Prospect Village website on Friday night. What a wonderful turnout, lots of good desserts, coffee, tea, and soooo much to see. Nat and Barry had a slide show of all the improvements on the website as well as old and new photos of Prospect and its inhabitants. What an enjoyable time, hearing old stories about various ancestors and characters form the past but still very much a part of the history of Prospect.

If you are thinking about joining us for the First Annual Lost Sisters Reunion and Art Retreat here in Prospect Village, you might want to take a tour of our history and view the landscape!

Another thing that's been happening in the community building front is Puppet-making workshops with a final story creation next Friday. I can't wait to hear what kind of story we will come up with, but it should be wonderful with all the amazing characters we have so far. We will be performing the story for the Prospect Children's Party on Sunday the 10th of December in the Church Hall. Hope you can join us!!!

Here are SOME of the characters you may meet. Santa, an old elf, a dancer, the dancer's mom, the dancer's mom's husband, the Grinch, a cool dude and wrestler, two little mice, and lots of finger puppets.

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