Saturday, December 02, 2006

May we all be happy

I've been thinking about this holiday season and working on the idea of creating a visual prayer or wish to accompany these words:

May we all be happy and create happiness for others.
May we all be free from suffering and from causing others to suffer.
May we all dwell in peace and ease without too much attachment and too much aversion.

Here are some lovely links, but be warned, they may cause happiness, peace and freedom from suffering.

Beaded Prayers Project has wonderful instructions for creating little beaded prayer amulets along with the history of the amulets.

The Bauer Studio has stunning photography, especially beautiful are the hands holding gifts. Here's what Penny K. Bauer says about these hands and gifts:
For several years I have been asking others, "Who is the wisest person that you know?" My vision for this project is a circle of elders from different cultures whose hands offer gifts of support as we pursue our dreams. It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with these wise men and women in the creation of the gifts now being offered to you.

These elders are wise in the most profound sense. With courage, they have pursued their lives with great passion. They have not gone into greater fear and despair as the years passed, but have remained curious about life and increasingly generous. They know about true beauty and that the health of communities depends on the generous sharing of resources with all. Some of them speak eloquently to us about gifts that come through loss. They are mentors and know how to bless. They are here to encourage each of us to step into the talents and gifts which we have been given and to share them. They remind us that we are never alone.

You are invited to spend time with each image and ask, "What is the gift that I am being offered at this time in my life?" Stories that accompany each image can be found in the photo info section.

From Adela, I got this link:
Art Start started in the spring of 1991, with a handful of artists who got together to make art with homeless kids in New York City. Over the next ten years Art Start became an award-winning, nationally recognized model for using the arts to save lives.

Here's what they have to say(click on it to actually read):

Denise & Monsta by Loretta, age 10, during a puppet-making workshop, 1997.

From jaihn's blog I discovered David Byrne's radio playlist for December. It is full of Gospel and the sounds that I have grown so fond of. He also has an on line journal in which he writes about Film, Music, & Religion.
In writing about Fernando Trueba’s documentary El Milagro de Candeal he says "... singing together. What does this have to do with the rebirth of a neighborhood? Maybe everything."

Lovely! So I would add this to my prayer/intention/wish:
May we all sing together in our neighborhoods.

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... and as we Ask, so may it Be.