Sunday, December 03, 2006

Playing with unknown materials...

This is a little workshop for encouragement to follow your passion for play with new materials; ... or what to do when you think you have ordered, via the internet, copper foil (as in metal) and you discover what you actually have is a filmy plastic shiny coppery colored stuff that you have no idea how to use properly.

So I thought why not play with the stuff. Cut off a strip and run it through the little xyron machine, then maybe it could be used it in a collage.

Well here's where it gets interesting. The xyron put a layer of glue onto the back of this "foil" and when I went to peal away the white backing I discovered that what I had was a very interesting faux gilding type material if I peeled very carefully.

Peeling it very carefully.

Here it is on watercolor paper.

And in my collages.

I could add a touch of this copper gold stuff to paper, collages and even metal. Now it's appearing on my collage Christmas gifts, my art journals, and if the Bergamasco boys aren't careful they will be next. What do you think, a little gold in the dread locks?

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