Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fairy Gifts

Altered book by Lani

I've been thinking about a Fairy Gifts altered board book. I was reading some folk tales about fairy gifts and it seemed that people who are kind and generous to fairies are rewarded with kindness, while people who were greedy are usually given a very unpleasant gift. I got to thinking, if I were to make a little book filled with presents for the little people, what sorts of things would they enjoy? The colors, sounds and scents of things wild and beautiful? Gold and little bells?

This artistic flight of fancy is based on Ann Arbor's own Urban Fairies. There is a whole urban fairy legend growing in Ann Arbor, and it seems like a delightful way to encourage literacy, map reading, and even community building. If you like fairy doors and altered books you must visit the Ann Arbor Library, and look in the fairy tale section.

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jonathan said...

Literacy is a BIG part. In fact my wife, Kathleen, is well schooled in literacy methods and training. Urban Fairies Operations will be adding pages for teachers (and parents) in the coming year to support educational tie-ins (as you noted; "literacy, map-reading & community building" are part of that).

Kathleen has worked the urban fairies into an engaging part of the curriculum. She even takes the kids on tours of the doors.

Kathleen & I will be presenting at the Ann Arbor Book Festival this May as well.