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Lost Sisters Retreat and Reunion

The First Annual Lost Sisters Art Retreat and Reunion from June 28 thru July 1, 2007.

Do you ever feel like the pace of life is a little frantic, and out of control? Do you ever feel a bit bombarded by the noise and stress of day to day life? Do you find your mind is filled with restless inner-chatter and worry? Do you long for clarity and joy and the company of long lost sisters who understand the total pleasure of art making, doll making, book binding, and story telling?

Why not join the Lost Sisters First Annual Art Retreat and Reunion in Prospect, Nova Scotia, where it is possible to reclaim the heart of your life through art making, good company, ocean views, kayaking and walking the labyrinth.

Essential Elements for our first retreat and reunion:

1) Leave your day to day worries behind
In this lovely, simple old fishing village we can leave the cares of our everyday lives behind. We can find our inner resilience in the company of good folks and lost sisters, and once found we don't ever have to give it up, since it is ours.

2) Diet & Nourishment
Rosalee and the Wild Women of Prospect are all good cooks, with the secret wisdom of the Prospect Cookbook to consult (how to feed 400 people lobster dinners with pie and feel happy at the end of the day). Also, we are 25 minutes outside of Halifax where you can find very fine dining with ethnic diversity as well.

3) Physical interaction with the world around us
We will be walking, kayaking, dancing by moonlight on granite rocks (caveat: I haven't actually checked what the moon is doing on that weekend). We also have access to an Aveda spa which is only 20 minutes drive, where you can have every imaginable kind of kelp wrap and aroma therapy experience you could possibly want:

4) Art and Story
We will be learning and teaching various crafty/arty techniques and discovering and sharing our own resilience stories. At the end of the weekend you will have a suitcase full of craft and art and a heart full of good stories and friendship.

5) The DIY principle
We strongly believe in the Do It Yourself principle. We believe that we have untapped inner wisdom and strength, knowledge and joy, just waiting to emerge. So with that belief we are creating our own retreat, just for ourselves, taught learned by us. The main difference between this approach and the approach of a retreat that has a paid staff, is that this is free and that is not. So come join your lost sisters, book your flights soon as there are good seat sales going on right now. Find peace and joy within yourself and your long lost sisters, and then take that home with you, where you can share it with others.

Here is what the retreat will look like:
Thursday June 28
4:00 Arrival
5:30 Tour & Orientation
6:00 Dinner (Either eating in Halifax or dinner with the Wild Women of Prospect)
7:30 Program Orientation ~ Meet the teachers (us) and hear about the workshops
(doll making, simple book ideas, narrative development with collage)

Friday and Saturday
7:45 Sun Salutations (walk on the beach, meditation, yoga, etc.)
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Workshop introduction. (either doll making - Friday or little books - Saturday)
9:30 Hike with the Bergamasco Boys (totally optional)
10:30 Tea
12-1:00 Lunch (Details are being worked out with Rosalee at the B&B)
1:30 to 5:00
Continue workshops, hike with camera, or explore with sea kayaks neighboring islands and old wrecked whaling ships.
5:45 Dinner ( again working out details, either eat out or with wild women of Prospect)
7:00 Evening Discussion, share how projects are coming and hear preview of next days' workshop
Then you are free to read, watch a movie, listen to music, etc. (Rosalee is a wonderful folk singer and if any of us are, you never know, there may be some music happening in the evenings.)

7:45 Sun Salutations (walk on the beach, meditation, yoga, etc.)
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Retreat wrap up. Discuss what you can do to make the rest of your life more fun, more like a lost sisters' art retreat. Meet the dolls, hear the narratives and see the little books.
11:30 check out

Oh, and did I mention we have a canvas Labyrinth which can be used outdoors if the weather is good and in the church hall if the weather isn't good?

The Labyrinth; Universal Symbol of Transformation:
It is thought that the labyrinth was created originally to represent our search for divinity. The labyrinth is an archetypal form found all over the world, dating back thousands of years. There is no way to know who created the first labyrinth, but this we do know from experience, that by walking the labyrinth we somehow quiets our deep inner being so we can hear our own inner wisdom and the wisdom of our higher power. The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for reflection, focusing, meditation, healing, bringing calm and a deeper knowledge of the Self.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has one path, which leads back and forth on itself, eventually working its way to the heart or center, and then back out again. It's a three part process for us. First we need to trust the path, and not worry about how things "should go." At the center we find a quietness and spaciousness, where we can be receptive to our inner state, meeting ourselves as if for the first time. As we return to life outside the labyrinth, some may experience a state of timelessness and serenity.

Any questions, feel free to email me here!

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