Sunday, January 28, 2007

Puppetmaking workshop in Woodlawn!

I had an intergenerational puppetmaking workshop on Saturday. Don't you just love it when folks make something themselves and get a huge kick out of it? Just a few socks and some fingers from some gloves for finger puppets, and trays of do-dads like beads, buttons, yarn, ribbons, feathers, and silk flowers, a few hot glue guns and a little bit of imagination thrown in and that's all you need to have a really great time! We even had some story telling at the end with a Hanging Puppet Theater.

(You can create a very simple puppet stage at home with a tension rod across a doorway or narrow hallway and a curtain or table cloth draped over it)


jaihn said...

Looks like a wonder-filled day, Lani. Lovely pics.

krystin said...

All of those kids are beaming!!!!! Thanks so much for the puppet theatre tip, I'll try it with my girls.

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