Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Artful Gifts of Inspiration

Fairy Gifts - An altered book (more images to follow) by Lani

Can you ever have too much art in your life? I don't think so. jaihn sent me on an amazing visual adventure, well two actually but more about the second one in the next post. The first adventure included Juju Loves Polkadots and the second was Suburbia with lots of free Photoshop brushes and yes I used a few in the image. I heartily recommend that you visit these two websites.

Over at 14 Secrets everyone is cooking up all kinds of amazing art objects, round robins, and charms swaps. And every so often Lore asks us a question which leads to all kinds of visual and imaginative adventures. This week's was "if you found a little suitcase what would you do with it and what would you put in it?" I immediately thought of altering it to make it portable box of inspiration in which I would put Brian Eno type Oblique Strategies cards (of my own devising of course) and other objects of inspiration (like everything from the last round robin that came home - my word but round robins are inspiring!) In fact, one of the next art challenges in the group will be an art bag round robin. I will consider Lore's gift while I work on my art bag, and I'll take a look at Juju Loves Polkadots again.

I'm starting to get highly excited about ArtFest which seems to be a whole Art-Gift-of-Inspiration-Fest experience. There's a yahoo group for folks who are heading over to the left coast at the end of March for ArtFest and in the group are excited newbies and those who are excited old-timers. Melissa Manley had this to say in a post to the group:

-it has been cool to read
all the newbie excitement. It adds to the build up.
This will only be my 2nd Artfest. I remember how
scared I was the first time. And I was going
alone...didn't know a soul. I however spotted LK
Ludwig in the Chicago airport. I saw the Artfest
folder sticking out of her totebag. It was
thrilling... the whole thing! You will meet people in
the airport, or maybe on a shuttle. Then once at
Artfest - think of it...400 people, pretty much like
you, scared to expose their innermost thoughts on
paper and yet exhilarated to share the experience. I
made it a point to try to sit with different people at
dinner, since I was alone, I wanted to break out of
feeling shy and vulnerable. At meals I heard stories
from people whose lives were changed by collage, book
altering, making things and especially Artfest.
Stories from women who'd saved up all year for
Artfest, come there by themselves to make time to grow
creatively. There are a few testimonies that I
remember that bring tears to my eyes even now. Wish I
could remember their names.... Can't wait to do it
again! You are gonna LOVE it!
Thank you Melissa! Such an artful gift of inspiration. I can't wait!

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jaihn said...

Great pic, Lani.
Delighted to have catalysed two adventures!