Tuesday, March 20, 2007

14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life

Of course there are more than 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life and one of the secrets is searching for and finding all kinds of good things out there that add to a person's happiness quotient... oh, and then sharing them of course!

So talking about serious happiness, nothing frivolous here, one thing we need in order to be truly happy is to untie those knots that we all get tied up in. Lots of teachers out there are willing to teach us all about releasing the old resentments that don't really do anything but weigh us down. So here are a few teachers:

Byron Katie is really very good about helping people find freedom from the feelings that no longer serve them. She can help us untie a knot faster than anything. It just takes four simple questions (and a willingness to let things go of course). It is possible to glean quite a lot from her websites and there are video clips so we can actually see and hear how "the work" works.

Learning Strategies has a very manageable course called Euphoria. They have a package CD's with teachings and meditative sessions that will increase bliss levels, for sure. Included in these CD's are Paul Scheele with a "Paraliminal" learning session, Hale Dwoskin, with the Sedona Method for euphoria, D. Trinidad Hunt, of Elan Enterprises helping you live life on purpose, Chunyi Lin, of Spring Forest Qigong with a Qigong meditation for euphoria, Bill Harris, of Centerpointe Research Institute with a deep, euphoric meditation using Holosync, and Rex Steven Sikes, of IDEA Seminars with the Attitude Activator for reaching new heights of joy and happiness.

Then of course there are all the binaural sound programs, which I highly recommend, if you have headphones and a CD player. Bill Harris is pretty popular with his Holosync program, although he has a pretty high pressured sales technique that can be a bit off-putting. Binaural Beats offers similar products for less. The Meditation Solution offers a program very similar to Bill Harris's Holosync with a series of CD's which can be purchased individually or in a package. Dr. Mercola has an offer for a very good binaural sound program, also much less costly than Holosync and also very effective. And finally Brainwave Entrainment offers a very wide range of CD's and downloads which seem to be of good quality with lots of variety.

What I find with these binaural sound programs is a lessening of that inner chatter that we tend to carry around with us, you know that inner critic that is looking at how we are coming across, or judging those around us and of course that part of us that projects ourselves into the future with thoughts of "if only this or this would happen, then I could be happy." It's almost as if the volume on that inner chatter is turned down to a point where these thoughts can be released quite easily. The mind can look at a thought and lets it go. There is a sense of lightness or relaxation in this, a feeling of increased energy as though waking up out of a deep sleep or coming back to life. When the inner chatter is quieter you can actually be more alive in the moment, you can actually experience your life right now.

So that's a little tour of my euphoric research for now. More will follow, I have no doubt.

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