Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy happy day!!!

Woke up this morning with Artfest on my mind. A very colorful dream full of confetti and joy.

Julie Morgenstern (a time management guru) has a whole wonderful list of ways to make sure you are spending your time the way you want to. Fantastic! One of her big things is to not do emails in the morning. She says you are freshest and most creative in the morning so why not do those things that require some thought and creativity first thing. And my friend Lore (an art and joy management guru) says that if making art makes you happy then you gotta do it! So these pieces are dedicated to Teesha Moore's Artfest Energy, Julie Morganstern's time management skills, and Lore's art and joy encouragement. Oh wow, can you feel the energy rising?

Interesting photoshop "stuff" can be found on various digital scrapbooking websites. Look at the freebies sections first to find the most generous gifts. Gifts add to the happiness quotient.

My favorite is The Scrap Artist but there are lots out there.

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