Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Prospero on our morning walk.

The wild women of Prospect are working on books for our annual summer lobster dinner. We will sell blank journals as part of the general money making that is required to pay for the insurance for the village dock. Actually it's all great fun and hard work but good community building. Some folks gripe about the whole thing but the interesting thing about this is they are not the ones cooking the lobster, they are not the ones binding books, they are not the ones who even eat the lobster, so I really don't know why they complain.

This is the front and back of a small white journal. You can see some "silk throwster waste" which is "couched" down the side. The button and throwster waste came from Joggles which is a fantastic place for books and on line classes. On the back of this little journal I did some more "couching" and jaihn will be coaching me on this any day now, so I will be improving soon.
This one was made from some Rajasthan tribal cloth with a little silk couching on the edges. I wonder if it's couching then?
This one is with antique batik cloth, a photo on cloth from Paper Whimsy, old buttons and key.
This one was fun, a photocopy of an old geography book cover, some interesting papers, some masking tape, an old coin and feather, some bee's wax and pigment. What fun!
This is the back of this same journal.
And this is one of the inside covers. So you can see the folks that don't want to play with the wild ladies of Prospect, or help with the lobster dinner, or even eat the lobster dinner, they are missing out on a lot of fun and a lot of community building!
And finally there is news of the 20 Things Zine project, hosted by Jen Worden, which will be in the Canadian Postal system on Monday. Whooey, aren't these gorgeous?

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jaihn said...

It's another bunch of PHWoaaaRrr's from me (your couching coach). Looks like you are couching just fine already though! I think edge-couch still counts as couch. The this-onto-that with small stitches is the qualifier, I believe...
Beauty-Full work.
I do love small square adorned things.