Sunday, March 18, 2007

On the road again...

...or time to post the Spring/Summer workshop schedule.

My first stop is Seattle, Washington for ArtFest! Talk about excited and joyful! I need a few more languages for the delight I'm developing about ArtFest! How about "joie et plaisir" or "gioia e piacere"or "기쁨과 쾌재" or "alegria e prazer" or "tripudium quod letifico" or "plaisir et réjouir." I will be taking a class with Lynne Parella and 2 with Nina Bagley. Here's a Nina Bagley quote about her favorite tools: " hands are the best tools of all, and I've been using photographed images of them a LOT in my artwork lately." About art making Lynne says:
I have always found it valuable to go into the studio and BEGIN, regardless of outcome. A day spent just following ideas or impulses, or just staying at your art table, no matter what --- That’s what it is all about.
My next stop will be NYC to teach a mini course at NYU. And then to Vermont for a workshop on resilience. Actually both course and workshop are titled "Building Resilience Through Puppet-Making and Storytelling" and come out of work done in Mississippi post-Katrina, with folks who originally lived in New Orleans, or folks living on the gulf coast, whose lives were turned upside down from Katrina. I'll be showing how puppet-making and story telling encouraged resilience and group problem solving. If you were to come to one of these workshops you'd learn about the "quest narrative" and encouraging strength from the inside-out. You would also learn three separate puppet-making techniques (glove, sock, and paper puppet people) in a flexible, "open studio" style. You would feel first hand the power of creating these puppets, as well as experience the power of creating a healing narrative with your characters. You'd probably come away with some of the current research in resilience strategies and some ideas about building resilience in communities under stress. Both workshop and course are anchored in art and narrative-making experience, which can be utilized in many settings, including schools, adult day treatment, and outpatient psychotherapy. If you are interested in the NYU course you can contact Ikuko Acosta. For Information on the Vermont workshop, or a registration form you can contact Lore Caldwell.

For the month of May and the beginning of June I'll be home and traveling down the road on Fridays for a puppets and narratives at Hebbville Elementary School.

Then I'll be getting ready for the The First Annual Lost Sisters Art Retreat and Reunion from June 28 thru July 1, 2007.

In mid July I'll be at the Altercations Altered Art Conference in Ann Arbor Michigan. That will be two courses in altered books. One will be making Wabi Sabi Wisdom books and the other will be making Fairy Gifts books in order to encourage the Urban Fairies of Ann Arbor (and other fairy folk and powers that be) to help us manifest our dreams. Sign up here for information about this conference (and it is SUCH an amazing wonderful conference!). They will let you know when registration starts.

I'll be writing more about these and also more about the keynote and workshop for the Ohio Buckeye's Art Therapy Symposium as we get closer to them.

Whew! Got to go make some art now!

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The Readster said...

Lani, Oh, my gosh. When will you be in Ann Arbor? I'll try to come up to see you. Love your blog. I'll link it to mine. Linda