Thursday, April 19, 2007

ArtFest; What I learned!

I learned life can be very sweet. I forgot to bring my camera to ArtFest so here are a few images and the friends that loaned me the images.

The first person I met in Seattle was Ellen. We shared a room in a swank motel in Seattle and got to do a little exploration before heading off to Port Townsend. Check out her blog for more ArtFest art work and impressions. We found this enourmous troll under a bridge and great dragons in China Town. Can't beat that!

One of the first people that you meet at ArtFest is Teesha Moore. What a wonderful, sweet, generous couple she and Tracy are.

And here's me with Ellen and my roommates Maija and Andra. This is Kim's picture and she's got plenty more on her beautiful blog like this one of her and Ellen!

One thing that seems to happen right away is you can find yourself hanging out with the most hilarious people all the time. We laughed and made art; ate, laughed, and made more art. You just can't beat that for Retreat & Restoration. Here are some photos from Cyndy who also had a ton of images of art and people.

Here's Ellen and a painting from one of her workshops. Pretty cool, eh?

Ruby, my "Dark Arts" sister and her partner.

And here's the crew in the art asylum. You'd go to this big recreation hall to make stuff in your free time. I got my first felting lesson here. Love these guys!!! See you next year!


Ellen Lyn said...

Sweet Lani,
I had the best time hanging out with you and the gang! Every time I see these photos, I just smile and smile and smile and....what fabulous memories!!!

K.G. said...

Hooray! She's back.... and with photo's! Can't wait to see the treasures that YOU made @ ArtFest.

Creative Wishes!

Jen said...

How wonderful to see Ruby's face! :D I'm on my way to NYC tomorrow - any "must do's"??

Lani Gerity said...

Walking shoes!!!
Walk, look, and walk some more!
You can't go wrong. You could live there for years and years and still not get to all the "must see's" and "must do's"!