Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Home Again after ArtFest & Road Trip

Image from Wayne Wirs which I found in my in-box.

Glad to be home but the sorrows of the world are heavy and hard to bear. I think we need blessings now. We need to give and receive as many blessings as possible. And we should say them out loud.

My grandfather died when I was seven years old. I had never lived in a world without him in it before and it was hard for me. He had looked at me as no one else had and called me by a special name, "Neshume-le," which means "little beloved soul." There was no one left to call me this anymore. At first I was afraid that without him to see me, and tell God who I was, I might disappear. But slowly over time I came to understand that in some mysterious way, I had learned to see myself through his eyes. And that once blessed, we are blessed forever.

Many years later when, in her extreme old age, my mother surprisingly began to light candles and talk to God herself, I told her about these blessings and what they had meant to me. She had smiled at me sadly. "I have blessed you every day of your life, Rachel," she told me. "I just never had the wisdom to do it out loud."

- Rachel Naomi Remen

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