Sunday, April 29, 2007

Links and inspiration

Formosa collage by Lani

Do maps of your childhood home make your heart skip a beat? My friend Adela sent me a link for Bunraku puppets and an East & Southeast Asia internet directory. There I found ancient images and maps of my island home and also lots of other delights. Also if you like Asian art, poetry, and folktales here are some more great links:

Do you know the old Japanese card game with 100 poets and poems? You can buy a deck here! Wouldn't these be great for altering?

And from jaihn I got this link for "cracklemountain"! Lots of great art and folktales, all Asian!

From jaihn I also got a link (not Asian) for the amazing Laurie Zuckerman's blog with all kinds of alternative arts. Scroll down for the memory jugs but look at everything else on the way down.

And here's an idea from the In Good Spirit blog: Write a love letter to your favorite book or author or literary character. If you illustrated the letter with a lot of imagery and color, making it a work of mail art, who would you send it to, and how would it look?

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