Monday, April 30, 2007

More Fairy Gift ideas

Fairy Gifts Altered Book by Lani

Lore just told me this wonderful story that has to do with the importance of leaving gifts for the fairies!
As a child she would accompany her grandfather to a local private girls school where she could wander happily while he was at work. She was very drawn to the art class where she would hand around, peeping in the windows to see what folks were working on. The teacher began to leave little gifts outside the classroom where Lore could find them. One of her favorite gifts was a set of colored pencils. She would hide them away in her magic art box (an old green lunch pail) when she wasn't using them.
Can't you just see it? It probably had a lot to do with Lore finding the joys of art early in life. So this is why I think it's very important to leave little gifts for the fairies. You just never know who will receive your gifts and you never know how important they might be to them.

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