Monday, April 23, 2007

More photos from the trip or what I learned in Vermont and Maine!

From the Vermont art therapists I learned (once again) how important fun is for maintaining resilience! Thank you all so much for that!

And here's a puppet that isn't just a survivor but a THRIVER, thank you very much!

A close up of my puppet. This was completed in a 10-3 workshop. We used sculpey and a little acrylic to accent wrinkles. Apply and wipe off. The paint stays in the cracks.

And here we are, two fabulous puppets and their makers (Lore and Lani). For more puppet photos please see this web page.

And then we went to Maine to stay with Rob and Randy and get a good dose of Bergamasco's since we had gone for so many days with out any big, joyful, Rastah-hugs!
Here's Bruzzi's brother playing catch! Sweet dog!

And here's the family, Randy and Rob in a sea of dreadlocks! Don't you love it!

And then home again with our own dogs. Here they are with some neighbors who have an Irish Wolf Hound. (And I thought our dogs were kind of big!)

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