Thursday, April 19, 2007

New York and what I learned there.

What I learned in NYC is that balance is very important.

After ArtFest I was just able to do my laundry and Edward and I said good bye to the Bergamasco Boys and the cats. The dogs went to their dog sleep away camp and the cats stayed home and were looked after by a mighty cat sitting team of Shannon and Rebecca!

Then we hit the road and got as far as York Harbor, Maine. There was a great deal of snow starting to fall and we pulled into the York Harbor Inn.
It's mostly extremely expensive during the summer but in April when it's snowing they have really nice rates, ocean view, Jacuzzi, beds big enough to get lost in, and a breakfast to keep you until dinner.

On Friday and Saturday I did a workshop for NYU. We all had a wonderful time. I met many very colorful personalities from Che Guevara to a pair of yellow twins who discussed their differences quite a lot to... Oh you will have to meet them.

Here's the lion who had a tooth ache taking a puff on Che's cigar. Don't quite know what he thought of it...

Here's a former corporate guy who still maintains his tie even though he's shed the rest of it.

And this beauty was a toe-sock in a former life. Can you believe it? For the yellow twins and more puppets, please see this web page.

Edward and I stayed with Edith Kramer for a couple of nights and from her we learned that it's really great to keep doing your life's passion (for her it's painting) even if you are 90. So inspiring! Let's go paint, make puppets, eat good food, sleep in beds big enough to get lost in, and play!!!!

(These 3 are among Edith's current paintings.)

More of my adventures to follow.

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